The highest possible scrabble move

This may even interest the non-scrabblers i believe.

Using only words from CSW (Collins Scrabble Words) and only possible though unlikely moves for the entire game, Dave Wood found a 1786 points play with the rack ABEOPXZ to make oxyphenbutazone.

OXYPHENBUTAZONE    54 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 1458

OPACIFYING                                21 x 3 = 63
XIS                                                             10
PREQUALIFIED                                          30
BRAINWASHING                          21 x 3 = 63
AMELIORATIVE                                            17
ZOOGAMETES                                              32
EJACULATIONS                            21 x 3 = 63
7-letter bonus                                                50


TOTAL                                                         1786

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500 Pairs of Disposable Earbuds = Fine Art

Half DJ and musician, half avant-garde artist, all geeky engineer, Andr Fernandes Avel s is the daddy of the Headphones art project. A one-night display in Stavanger, Norway, the installation consisted of 500 pairs of ear buds tied together electronically and controlled by a mixer to create a controlled cacophony of mind-altering sound.

Here’s how it works: 960 of the little buds are speakers, collectively pushing buzzing sounds around the room, while the remaining 40 buds act as microphones to fuel the feedback loop. “Another unpredicted but welcomed sound source was some white noise from a fucked-up amplification circuit I built,” says Avel s, who tells us he wants to stage the installation again in Amsterdam, where he lives. Below is a photo of Avel s putting the final touches on his project; he says audio and video samples of the event are coming soon.

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here i go

my first blog ever…lethargy reigns…rather, reigned until now…credit to soumya to have instigated me to do this…

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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